Mother daughter bracelets custom made with gold linked chain and gemstones or delicate beads. These bracelets will match mother and daughter and are made to order to fit perfectly.
Mommy & Me Bracelets
Matching custom bracelets for you and your little one.
Handmade Gemstone Bracelets
Get your mother or daughter a gift she will want to wear and cherish for years to come.

Symbolic, Stylish, and Handcrafted

Lilac by Lily started because a Mother loved being a mom, but felt like she was losing her identity as a person. Our mission is to remind all woman that being a mother is a sacred incredible title to be proud of, yet as woman we are also entitled to having our own identities and being or doing whatever we put our minds to. The bond between a mother and daughter is special. So special that we created a Mommy & Me bracelet combo as way to show this special bond in a stylish, symbolic way. These handmade bracelets remind all women that they are strong and have endless potential.